General FAQ


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What happens if I stop paying and delete the app?

Don’t you dare!

just kidding 🙂

Before deleting the app, ensure you disable all the features you’ve used (RTL, Font). That will bring your theme back to its original layout. When deleting the app, the RTL layout will revert to the original LTR.

Can I use the app for all my store's themes or only the published one?

You can choose any of your store themes to work on.

Enable the RTL Mater app only in the theme you want it to be active.

Does the app support the new Online Store 2.0 features?

Don’t worry, the app works well with the new OS 2.0 changes and themes 🙂

If you’re using a 2.0 Theme, please don’t forget to allow the app in your theme. Find it in the customizer under Theme Settings > Apps.

Will you support more Shopify themes?

To keep the app functioning perfectly, we develop specific code customization for each theme while keeping up-to-date with every theme update.

Keeping our work at the highest level for each theme limit the number of themes we can support at the moment.

However, you are more than welcome to contact us and ask for new ones.

Will the app do any changes to my Live theme?

Only if you choose to work on the published theme.

The RTL and Font features can be used on any theme on your store, not just the live one.

This way, you can “Test” it and make sure you’re happy with the result.

Please note!

Due to Shopify’s limitation, The translation feature can be used only on the Published theme.